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What to Expect

Pete and his team work with clients to improve market position and achieve financial growth through increased sales, customer care and business relationship development.  We work with your team to define company goals and identify new business opportunities, as well as improve communication and presentation skills.  It is my job to work with the sales team, marketing staff,  managers and owners to increase sales opportunities and maximize profits for our clients, while creating lasting and personal relationships with their customers as well as industry business partners.

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Pete is the best in the business, his knowledge and professionalism will surpass your expectations! In addition, his guidance and expertise made the process flawless.  I always felt he was easy to communicate with and I trust his advice and suggestions. I highly recommend Pete!!


-Kelly K

Eden Prairie, MN



I am writing to say how grateful I am for the training you provided my team with over the last week.  Having the opportunity to learn from a seasoned and accomplished sales professional will prove to be invaluable over the upcoming weeks and years.  I never really envisioned that we would make as much progress as we did in such a short period of time. 

If someone asked me to name at least five things that you brought to my team in your sales training toolbox, they would probably be:

 What a true sales professional looks like

  • What a true Sales Professional looks like

  • What unwanted or bad business looks like, when to walk away from potentially bad business

  • How to incorporate non-business dialogue into a conversation so that we become more genuine and relatable to customers

  • How to deal with and overcome customer objections

  • How to close a deal 

My hope now is that you will accept the transition challenge from being our short-term trainer to long-term mentor.  After spending a few days with you, it is obvious that we have much more that we can learn from you.


With gratitude,



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I cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done to help this company start on the right track. You stayed patient with us, engaged with all who wanted to learn, and gave every one of us the confidence we needed to be successful. Not only have you given us all the keys to succeed but you did it in such a modest way. You are an expert in what you do, though you never came across as arrogant. My biggest take away from our few days together is that sales is more than just selling someone a product or service. It’s about meeting new people, making relationships with them, and earning their trust. I admire your ability to have a conversation with absolutely anyone and truly make them feel important. Thank you again for sharing your time and expertise with us. The guidance and support you offered us over the short time period you were here will without a doubt hold a lasting impact on our company.

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